The project for the new market comes from different inputs and reflections.
First of all the place, full of meaning that is rooted in the memory of liberty,
with strong references to well-defined architectural styles. Some of these elements characterize the new project characterizing and giving recognition to architecture. Ordering a plate to characterize the current urban reality of Forte dei Marmi, the new market has replaced the old as part of the reorganization of the urban fabric of the city, a separate building characterized by monumental quality, capable of interpreting tradition, but at the same time innovation , an architecture designed to last
time, able to give continuity to the shape of the city.The porch, has a great cover decorated with 10×10 tiles depicting the colors of the sea, with columns covered in stone that mark the four sides of the building at variable intervals to suggest the maximum permeability of ‘building. A container shifting to the community, socially unifying able to stimulate participation and being together. The square paving stone, a set of varied activities give a sense of the city to this new architecture will become like a chameleon to market a place of meetings and discussions, a space for public events and cultural, creating a new urban model. 


1235678Concorso di idee per la riqualificazione del mercato coperto di Forte dei Marmi
2012 project / Studio Batoni
Forte dei Marmi / Lucca

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